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When we need to make any kind of insurance claim, it’s usually because something bad has happened, or something that we didn’t expect.  But no one needs a dispute with an insurance company on top of that!  If you’re having trouble getting the coverage you were promised in an insurance claim, the smart thing to do is consult with an insurance dispute lawyer in Queens.  The laws that govern the activities of insurance companies can be complex, and those companies have lawyers and resources that they can use against you and your claim.  That’s why you need the help of a professional attorney, like those at the law firm of Shayne Dachs, LLP of Queens, New York.  We’ll evaluate your case and fight for your insurance claim rights.

Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies are profit-making entities whose leaderships vary, and some are more ethical in their business dealings than others.  If you are having difficulty getting an insurance claim paid that seems relatively straightforward, it could be that your insurance company is behaving unethically, and you need to learn more about bad faith insurance.  In the state of New York, insurance companies are required by law to act in good faith, but sometimes they don’t.  Bad faith is defined as “a deliberate or reckless failure to place on an equal footing the interests of its insured with its own interests when considering a settlement offer.”  The law firm of Shayne Dachs, LLP of Queens, has over 60 years of experience working with insurance dispute cases, and their understanding of insurance law will help you get your claim settled fairly.

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