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When a car collides with a bicycle, the injuries involved can often be serious or even fatal.  However, those who ride bicycles generally have no insurance to cover their injuries, and then must deal with the car driver’s uninsured motorist insurance company.  If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, you need to hire a bicycle accident attorney in Long Island, New York.   The law firm of Shayne, Dachs, Sauer & Dachs, LLP of Long Island, New York has the experience to determine if negligence led to your accident and injuries.  We can help you recover any compensation to which you are entitled.

Traffic and Bicycle Laws

Responsible behavior on the road prevents accidents, and this applies to both drivers of automobiles and those riding a bicycle.  If you ride a bike, or if you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, you should understand the traffic and bicycle laws in the state of New York.  All bicyclists should wear a helmet, as it goes a long way to protect you from sustaining a devastating head injury, should you be hit by a car or other vehicle.  Failing to wear a helmet will weaken your case if you’re injured.  Always ride with traffic, not against it, and do not weave in and out of lanes.  Use your bell to sound your presence to drivers.  The law firm of Shayne, Dachs, Sauer & Dachs, LLP of Long Island has knowledge of New York traffic laws and can help you win your bicycle injury case.

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A bicycle injury is serious and can often leave you incapacitated.  Don’t face the challenge alone.  Call to schedule a no-cost legal consultation with a bicycle accident attorney in Long Island today.  The law firm of Shayne, Dachs, Sauer & Dachs, LLP targets the city of New York, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County, Kings County and Suffolk County.  Call us at (866) 351-8524 and let us be your advocates.