Bus Accident Lawyer Long Island

Like other drivers in New Yorkers, bus drivers have immense responsibility when they’re driving a bus. Bus drivers face more challenges than the average driver because of the size of the vehicle they’re driving; they also require a special license in order to operate them. This license proves that they can safely operate a bus, considering that most buses don’t have seatbelts and other safety issues can happen too. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bus accident and have suffered injuries, you’re entitled to compensation.

Whether you are in a bus accident while driving a vehicle or injured while riding a private or public transit bus, a bus accident lawyer can help. We have experience representing survivors that deserve both fair and just compensation for their injuries. We fight to make sure that the best possible outcome for your particular case occurs.


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Who can a bus accident lawyer in Long Island find at fault for a bus accident?

A bus crash can happen because of incidences of negligence or just carelessness. There are several parties that could contribute to a collision including:

Bus drivers: Drivers who drive while distracted or are poorly trained or are even under the influence can be held responsible for bus accidents or Adirondack Trailways accidents.

Other Motorists: Negligent drivers that collide with the bus or force the bus to lose control can also be held responsible for damages and/or injuries.

Bus Companies: New York bus companies are responsible to ensure vehicle maintenance and upkeep, and to comply with government regulations. The bus company themselves may be held liable if they were negligent.

Knowledgeable bus accident lawyers in Long Island have the resources needed in order to investigate the case of the crash and will work diligently to gather evidence and testimony that make your case strong. A successful lawsuit will offer you the financial support that you need and also deserve, hands down.

Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer in Long Island Now

Because many bus companies are owned by the government, the statute of limitations is usually much shorter than regular accidents. A bus accident lawyer will know this deadline and will file your lawsuit before it expires. This makes it important to hire a skilled lawyer immediately after your accident to allow them the time they need to represent you, gather evidence, and ensure that you don’t miss the deadline set forth for these types of lawsuits.

If you survived Adirondack Trailways accidents or other bus accidents in New York, you’re entitled to compensation. We can handle your case so you can focus on what’s important, recovery. A bus accident lawyer from our firm can provide you the representation that you deserve and that protects your rights. We serve Long Island, NY and the communities of Mineola, Garden City, Hempstead, Queens and surrounding Nassau and Suffolk Counties. To have a free consultation with one of our bus accident attorneys today, call (866) 351-8524.